Friday, August 24, 2012

It's here! (Update in blue)

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Finally, after such a long time and many rewrites (I wanted to get the story juuuuuuust right), the first book to my Blood, Lust & Spawns trilogy is available exclusively and for FREE at Amazon. After November 22, 2012, it will be available at all the other sites.

I have decided to make this rather long story into a trilogy because, well, there are three main characters.

It is an erotic paranormal romance for adults that will contain erotic vampires, menage a trois (sort of), adult language, action and adventure, drama, and plenty of intrigue.

The (sort of) menage a trois is a new concept for me, but I felt it fit right in with the story based on the vampire characters, and I hope you'll agree.

I've designed an image of the three characters as I see them in my mind's eye when I write. You can see below. They're standing in front of Helena's brick loft house building. I had created this image for the back cover of the paperback version of the book that is due out around August 29, 2012 when it will be up for sale is now available here. It's also hyperlinked on its dedicated page (see tab above). I hope you like it. :-)
Xavier, Helena, and Alex
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  1. thanks for the excerpt
    im curious what will happen next, and how Helena will do..
    thanks for the giveaway ^^


  2. Oh this sounds exiting, sexy and paranormal! I can hardly wait to read this. Yumm!!!!