Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Part 11, Second to Last Part of the OV&H saga is available

The end is near! Or, at least, the end of the long Of Vinegar and Honey story is. Just now, on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, I've e-published Part 11 of OV&H to Smashwords and Amazon. It is already available at both sites for a mere $0.99 so don't forget to get yours!

I'm currently working on Part 12, the final part entitled "Honegar", to OV&H. I've already designed the book cover for this last part as you can see to your right. After I've e-published the final part, I'll begin working on copyediting and formatting OV&H for paperback publishing. When that's completed, I intend to do a giveaway of three paperback copies with matching bookmarkers. I've already designed the bookmarkers and they're really nice!

Since the story is so long, I guess I'll have to use a smaller font for the paperback version. That way, I can keep the price as low as possible.

I haven't forgotten my other work (Only You, for example), but I really want to get OV&H finished and since I'm close to the finish line, I'm all pumped up to get'r done!  

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