Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blood, Lust & Spawns Paperback Giveaway is closed.

Giveaway: First Book in the Blood, Lust & Spawns Trilogy + Bookmarkers

I am giving away three (3) signed copies of the first book in my newest erotic Paranormal Romance trilogy, Blood, Lust & Spawns, with matching bookmarkers.

Here is an excerpt:
Blood, Lust & Spawns (Volume 1)
She gasped when she heard him and snapped around to find him standing inside the door. She was one hundred percent certain she’d locked the damn thing, too!
“You might not know it on a conscious level,” he continued, “but your instincts have brought you right where you want to be.”
“No,” she said, shaking her head. “That’s not true. You tricked me. You tricked me!”
“You know that’s not true. You know deep in your heart you’re right where you choose to be,” he said as he moved toward her.
She stepped back only to find the backs of her knees touch the foot end of the four post bed. She gasped as she snapped her head around and saw the giant bed as if it were waiting for her. “That’s not true.” She snapped her head around and looked at him. “I just wanted to get away from you. I just wish I could wake up from this fucking dream already—” she abruptly stopped with a gasp when she realized he now stood completely naked in front of her. “You’re-You’re—”
 “There aren’t any clothes in my resting place,” he said.
Suddenly the zippers and buttons of her sculpt-overs snatched loose and opened. With a gasp, she quickly tried to stop them, but before she could, her clothes rapidly peeled off her body, her boot laces came untied, and her prudish white underwear ripped off her hips while she frantically tried to cover herself with her hands.
Behind her, the drapes of the four-post came alive, and they shot out and wrapped around her wrists, neck, and waist before she made a cry when she was suddenly snatched back onto the black satin covers of the bed. The two black drapes at the foot end posts came alive, and whipped around her knees before they were pulled slowly wide as she suddenly began to struggle against them in earnest—modesty be damned!
“Stop this! STOP THIS!!”
“It’s time to wake up Helena,” he called softly to her by the foot end as his fierce gaze roamed slowly down her naked, struggling body. He savored each and every inch of her nakedness, fueling the fires of his ancient blood that rapidly engorged his rising shaft as it rose like a proud, pale spear from a nest of golden curls.
“Don’t you fucking dare! Don’t you fucking come closer! Don’t you fucking TOUCH ME!” her voice dropped, ending in deep, unnatural snarls.
Hearing it, he shot up his fierce eyes as he watched her “awaken”, as the vampire inside her rose in defense. He watched as her fierce spitting eyes flashed brightly, glowing unnaturally bright and green. Her lips pulled back in a ferocious snarl, baring her four extending canines that were flashing in the dark while she struggled violently against her silken restraints. The drapes seemed unbreakable, holding her put even though she continued to fight fiercely against them, but the more she fought, it seemed, the tighter they became.
He walked over to the side of the bed hearing her heart pounding in her rapidly rising and falling chest, making her breasts jiggle. He extended his lean hand and lowered his burning gaze to follow it as he stroked the soft, warm curves of her female body, touching her well out of reach of her fangs. She was snapping at him, trying to wound him with her fangs—fangs that could kill any male vampire no matter how superior he thought he was, and he had to be very careful. Then his flat hand paused just beneath her navel.
He could feel the warm life churning inside her womb. He could feel its awesome power.
But Helena, the vampire, was acting differently than the hybrid creature from times before. The difference was . . . she wasn’t in heat now. Her scent was still heavily human, less vampire, and it was in this state when she was the least willing and most unpredictable. He knew she’d fight hard to protect herself. He didn’t know how strong she could be, though.
{end of excerpt}

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