Saturday, October 6, 2012

Congratulations to the Winners of the "Blood, Lust & Spawns" Giveaway!

Thank you so much for participating in my "Blood, Lust & Spawns" Paperback + Bookmarker Giveaway, and many thanks to all the people who have joined my site and helped breathe life into it. This means a great deal to me.

The winners have been chosen by an independent panel of five people who have volunteered to pick the three comments they liked the best. They took their ever-loving time returning their results to me, though, but I forgive you all because I know it wasn't easy! <3 <3 <3

As a head's up, for those who haven't received the Winner's E-mail that had been sent out late Friday night, October 5, 2012, you still have a chance to win a signed paperback copy. There will be another giveaway, this time hosted by Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews with Paranormal Element, beginning October 9th, 2012 - that's this Tuesday. Come Tuesday, please click on the link above and you can enter that giveaway for a second chance to win a crisp, brand-spanking-new, signed paperback copy + matching bookmark.
I wish you all good luck!

Also, this Tuesday, my new paranormal adult fairytale romance,
"Bewitching Hour"
will be available this coming Tuesday, October 30, 2012.
I apologize for the delay, but I decided to lengthen the original
short story into a novella.
But it's still going to be available before Halloween!
this is a highly erotic, explicitly written story, but it is a fairytale romance first and foremost. An excerpt and a giveaway is forthcoming, but in short, this story is a beauty and beast type of fairytale for adults (wink-wink) with oodles of magic, redemption, love, lust, and a happily ever after - just in time for Hallow's Eve!

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