Monday, August 11, 2014

Inspired to finish Earth Angel - and lovin' its new Cover...

This is the new book cover for my upcoming paranormal erotic romance,
Earth Angel.

I'm inspired by the song by Hoobestank, entitled "The Reason".

The lyrics of "The Reason" captures the emotions Christian (the long-suffering black-winged angel in this story) experiences when he meets Sarah and falls hard for her in ways that go far beyond his sexy imagination.

Sarah gives him "the reason to change how he used to be".


  1. Looks good! And I bet it is hot!

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks so much, and yes, yes, YES, it's HOT. But romantic, too. :-)

    I believe I'll have it done by the end of September, around the last week - or earlier. Now inspired by Hoobestank's song, The Reason, I immediately saw where the story needed to go. I had been stuck on it at a certain scene, not knowing where to take it from there, but I'm finally unstuck.

    Thanks for tweeting it, and always thanks for your support! Muah!

  3. Beautiful. Glad you were inspired to finish it. :)

    1. Hi Miss No Labels,

      Thanks so much for dropping by, and for the compliment. I appreciate it. Yes, I'm happy as can be that I'm inspired again to finish Earth Angel. I've been frustrated not being able to get unstuck with this story.

      I hope your poetry and writing is coming along as well.

      Always thanks for your support! Muah!