Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Earth Angel" is now available at Amazon & Smashwords

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Yes, it's two days late. I apologize for that. Life got in the way and I needed those extra two days in order to finish formatting the various files.

I'm still busy formatting the PDF files to submit to Excitica and I haven't formatted the paperback files just yet, but Earth Angel is finished and now available for download at Smashwords (in all conceivable formats) and Amazon (Kindle).

I do need to get the paperback ready because I'll be doing a paperback giveaway very soon. I'm giving away 5 paperback copies of Earth Angel with matching bookmarks, with a $50 Amazon Gift Card 1st Prize to participants who not only answer the question I'll be asking - it's about Archangels - but who will sign up and follow me by e-mail.

So brush up on your knowledge of Archangels because I'll have the details of the Earth Angel Giveaway up on this blog very soon!

So, I guess, if ever you needed a good reason to sign up and follow me by e-mail, this should do it, shouldn't it? :-)

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