Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Original Romance, TO DRY THE TEARS OF A CLOWN is available now!

WoooooHOOOOO! It's been SEVEN LONG YEARS but I've finally gotten my publishing rights back as of August 24, 2016, and I've promptly published my romance,

To Dry the Tears of a Clown


 It comes well-edited, proofed, a brand-new look, and in 2-parts.

For a limited time, each e-book is also Special Priced at $1.99.

So if you enjoy a romance with a quirky heroine, lots of intrigue, some serious mystery, betrayal and reconciliation, To Dry the Tears of a Clown is a story for you!

In celebration of having my publishing rights returned to me, I will be doing a Giveaway of a paperback version soon! So stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you see a book with the title and cover as seen below


The so-called publisher has held my book hostage for SEVEN long years and has done no editing, no proofing, but have overpriced the book ($29.95!) in order to not sell to anyone else but me, the author.

All conventional publishers do editing, proofing, and never keep publishing rights longer than TWO years. That's why I say - and it's not hyperbole - that this particular "vanity publisher" held my book hostage.

But since August 24, 2016, they no longer hold the publishing rights to continue to publish (on-demand) and sell my book, so please do not buy this title if it has the above book cover (the one in the red circle).

Thank you for being loyal readers!   




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