Blood, Lust & Spawns

Catharina Shields © 2016
All Rights Reserved

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This book includes a Bonus Preview of Book 2.
I plan to update the book cover for Blood, Lust & Spawns, Book 1
in order to match the book covers for Books 2 & 3.
The new book covers are as seen below

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        Chicago's ambidextrous artiste du jour, Helena Davis, has been suffering an inexplicable case of insomnia for the past few months, and it's driving her insane. So when she receives a call in the dead of night from Chicago P.D.'s chief of police, her friend, Don Tyler, to do a forensic sketch for a witness to a murder in the prestigious Eastern Brooke Heights, she jumps at the chance.

Helena is a temperamental, antisocial, but extremely talented young woman. She's able to create works of art of any type, from charcoal sketches to clay sculptures to oils. Her gift lies in her ability to "feel" what a client wants, and when the only witness to the murder of a prominent media mogul, his beautiful wife Penelope, has trouble recollecting what she saw that night, Chief Tyler knows only one person who can pull the face of the perpetrator out of the foggy recesses of her mind.

      From that night forward, though, Helena's peaceful, somewhat reclusive existence dramatically changes when she discovers Detective Morris, one of her antagonists at the CPD, is at the crime scene, too. That night, she discovers nothing is what it appears to be, and handsome but—in her opinion—arrogant Detective Morris helps her see, neither is she.

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