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Royce Masterson  

One hot night with a sexy and mysterious lover and Royce Masterson is instantly captivated - more than he knows. This opens the door to a five-year quest to find her again.

But then the question becomes, will he like what he finds when he finally catches up to her? Or will he be appalled when the woman he's captivated by isn't what he expects her to be?

Charlene "Charly" Meeren

Charly is a VIP on the "Isle of Enchantment" which is the nickname of Mount Desert Island, located off the coast of Maine. She also has a secret that she has to protect, although her secret is no secret to the Islanders who love her.

Charly is half human, half mermaid. She also has two beautiful children that she hasn't seen in three years ever since her father took them out to sea with him.

Alone in the world, she struggles against her sorrow while she's forced to fight to protect her secret just as pressure mounts through AquaFine Real, Inc. for her to sell the only home she knows, the lighthouse. When nothing makes her budge, the heads of that powerful corporation, the Masterson brothers, arrive on the island and up the ante.

Can she resist the pressures? Will she resist the handsome, strong-willed, and sexy, Royce Masterson as he pursues her? And does he really want her, or is he only interested in using her to buy Eastward Lighthouse #1?

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