Equilibrium Series

To protect and serve
the balance of the universe...

 Buffy meets Blade without the butch in this action-packed paranormal romance. Vampires, demons, a rebellious werecat, and impossible male chauvinist colleagues are just a few problems Seattle P.D.'s spunky rookie cop and secret Slayer Maiden, Samantha Kensington, has to deal with.

Not much of a social butterfly, her only friends are Chi, a mysterious Chinese monk and her live-in mentor, and her obese pet cat, Sammie.

As Slayer Maiden, Samantha is an indestructible warrior. She possesses an arsenal of equally indestructible weapons such as her morphable and inexhaustible crystal shards and...the Slayer's sword, the Emerald Empress.

Just three months shy of her twenty-fourth birthday, the age when all Slayers perish, Samantha knows she's running out of time. Things take a turn for the worse when she's teamed up with enigmatic Detective Julien Chateau and can’t get him out of her mind or dreams!

Now, not only does she have to battle mobster Gabrianni's growing army of vampires, but she has to guard her sensitive heart when she feels powerfully drawn to her new partner, for the legendary Slayer Maiden is invincible unless her slayer's heart, the source of all her power, is compromised.
And it can only be compromised if she falls in love.

Due to be released soon
Catharina Shields © 2012
All Rights Reserved
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