Of the Night

A Sexy Vampire Paranormal Romance

Catharina Shields © 2015
All Rights Reserved

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Lillian Anjou is an aspiring author who works as a professional limo driver and barkeep. For the past two weeks, she's been driving Marten DeGarnier - a handsome but reclusive billionaire - and his sexy ladyfriends around the Big Apple.


Then one evening she's honored when he inquires about her writing because she's had a secret crush on him ever since he first stepped into her limo. It was a thrill for her that a man like him would even notice she existed. He seems to sense that she's struggling with writing her first vampire novel, and he offers his help.


Soon she discovers that DeGarnier's interest comes with a price: strange things are beginning to happen around her that she can't explain.

As she struggles to understand what's going on, she begins to ask herself who Marten DeGarnier really is, why he has captured her attention so profoundly, and what does he really want from her in return for his help.  

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