Of Vinegar and Honey

Opposites can attract...with a little magic

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Small town girl and miracle healer, Madelaine Croft, is sent by the Church to serve as a caregiver for a particularly difficult and bitter quadriplegic: the arrogant Rory O'Dell.

When she meets O'Dell for the first time, she begins to doubt the Church's judgment. They had sent her to a person she is supposed to be a live-in caregiver for until she's won his trust before she could tell him who she really is so that healing can begin.

But Rory O'Dell turns out to be the most foul-mouthed, obnoxious, bitter, and outright impossible person she has ever met, testing her almost saintly patience to its limits as none have ever done before.

As she fights for her sanity and prays for a miracle so that she could leave as quickly as possible, Rory, for his part, experiences an epiphany when, one afternoon, he accidentally catches a glimpse of her naked beauty in a mirror. It's then when he discovers how much she's come to mean to him and the thought of losing her ignites something powerful inside him. But just when he begins to have gentler feelings for her, white-hot jealousy and over-bloated pride collide when he discovers she had broken her promise to him not to see men while in his service, and he lashes out in the worst possible way.

As Rory struggles and schemes to make right what he had done wrong to her and begins a gentler albeit belated courtship, he discovers the bishop's dangerous scheme ~ one that involves Madelaine and what could mean her demise. It's then when Rory's infamous fearlessness and passion become the assets he needs in order to thwart the bishop's deadly plans and to win back Madelaine's gentle heart.

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This is an adult romance about pain, loss, betrayal, and ultimately, redemption.

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Catharina Shields © 2015
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