For Elise

Catharina Shields © 2013
All Rights Reserved

Louisiana, 2006...
Catharina Shields © 2013
All Rights Reserved
          Just a year out of prison on a work-release program after serving twenty years hard time for killing a man, Reece T. Dubois, now thirty-nine, wants nothing more than to keep his nose clean and to live out the rest of his life in peace.
         Then he meets the beautiful and sensuous, Elise Beauchamp, the young wife of a friendly pastor who is nearly twice her age, and he falls hard for her.
           He struggles with his inner demons, between allowing himself to love again or to do the moral and right thing and keep his distance, but he soon discovers that fate has a say so, too.
        Slowly but surely he discovers why Pastor Beauchamp had invited him to meet his beautiful wife at their home and finds himself quickly swept away in a torrent of passion, pain, betrayal, and for him, the unchartered waters of true love.
          Elise Beauchamp, thirty-four, has always considered herself to be levelheaded and loyal. Although people consider her a classic raven-haired beauty, she has never seen herself in such a way and she believes, with all her heart, in the sanctity of marriage.
           Then one evening, her husband informs her that he is bringing a Work Release Inmate (WRI) for dinner and she is as surprised as she is curious because her kind-hearted husband had never done anything like that before. Little did she know that the decision to bring Reece T. Dubois to their home would change her life forever.
            Leo Beauchamp is the beloved pastor of the Lost Sheep of the Lord Assembly in Caddo Parish, and the pastor for the Caddo Parish Work Release House of Shreveport. There he meets the WRI Reece T. Dubois and finds the answer that could end his secret suffering, and what would set him on the path to personal redemption . . .

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For Elise
{A Romance About the Deepest and Truest Love}
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  1. When will this be finished?

  2. While most of us are "chomping at the bit" and others are waiting with baited breath. Please take your time to write the next chapter and let your words breathe with the life you are giving them.

  3. Hi Anon!

    I'm still working on the next chapter of "Only You". I'm expanding a scene because I felt it needed expanding. I'm also working on "Earth Angel" so I hop between the two to keep perspectives (and inspiration) fresh.

    However, since "Only You" will be published both in print and e-book form, I have already designed the book cover and as you'd undoubtedly already seen, I have published it at the top of the page for the first time. Can you tell me what you think?

    Cat Shields

  4. Oh, and I'll be posting the next part on the sites before publishing. I forgot to add that part of the comment. Sorry.

  5. Thanks for Chapter 4; the tension is building! I can't wait to see how you are going to resolve this! Leo is a nice guy, I hope he isn't going to get too hurt?

    1. Don't worry, Anon, everything is going according to plan. Mostly. ;-)

      The storyline drama aside, this is a romance so there's definitely a happily ever after for all. Promise.

      Thanks for your comment!