Through Time Indefinite

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A timeless romance . . .

          Siaylah (pronounced See-ay-lah) Valinski is a time traveler with supernatural powers. She's sent on missions by the unseen Powers That Be to protect great, historical figures when events surrounding them threaten their premature demise.
          After a mission in ancient Egypt, where she saves the life of one of ancient Egypt's most influential and greatest Pharaohs of all time, Ramses II, she's transported to an era she prefers the least: late 1800's America.
       She's dropped right smack in the middle of the boudoir of a saloon's "Lady of the Night" where she meets Nicholas Alastair, a handsome, sexy gunfighter and incorrigible gambler.
         Things get complicated when he mistakenly believes she's the woman he has paid for to spend the night with.
      Despite their first, then second, confusing and uncomfortable encounters, they learn the truth about destiny, the undying soul, the ever-changing fabric of time, and that the power of true love really does transcend all space and time.

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  1. I never liked "through time indefinite"...far too "hacky". No originality and extremely poor writing...and whats with the over use of "Chagrin"? Hope you've stopped using that as thesaurus' exist for a reason!!!!!!!

  2. What a curious comment.

    FWIW, Through Time Indefinite, has sold and currently sells very well, and it's received very good reviews. I've never had to refund a single copy that I've sold. I guess it just wasn't your cup of tea. As the old adage goes, "can't make all of the people happy all of the time".

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!